The first time I went to the beach, I was 2 weeks old. My mom wrapped me up in sunscreen and propped me under an umbrella. I wonder if it had any effect on me for who i am today. maybe i saw it and thought i was still in heaven. Maybe it's why i love the visuals of life so much.
I grew up under scorching sun gleams, centuries old oak branches, and huge palm trees, where it's always summer. No matter where I wander, my eyes find hidden gems. I've always been infatuated with beauty, unconventional and extraordinary. My camera is my sanctuary. Capturing beauty to acquaint to others, capturing moments to keep forever, it's my life. i'm so in love with it.
when my meantime isn't taking place behind a camera lens, it's taken up by my love for movies and films, lying by the ocean, getting music chill bumps, dancing my heart out, singing harmony, and having worthwhile conversations with people i love.
One day, I want to sit on a roped hammock on my back porch, overlooking the ocean and a sunflower garden.