A Christmas Story

This year, for some reason being more meaningful and a bit different than years passed, my family decided to pick back up on a tradition we'd fallen short of the past couple of years. When I was younger, every Christmas Eve my family and I would go to the hospital to visit the children that were there, having to stay over night. It was always my favorite tradition. Just to bring them a stuffed animal, some chocolate, a candy cane. Even though the past couple of years we've encountered ineffable changes and missed out on doing this, we decided this year to put everything aside as long as we could make this happen. Last night, we saw 4 children in a nearby hospital. In return of bringing them little holiday presents, they unknowingly gave us something much bigger. My heart was warmed so much that my eyes were brought to tears. They, being strangers to us, gave us hugs. they gave us smiles. I know it's not something huge, but when things like this happen, i'm gently reminded of so much. i'm so thankful that right now my family and i are in good health. i'm thankful for the spirit of the Savior that is so strongly felt throughout this season. and is always felt just by doing a service to someone in need. His love He had for everyone during His life here on earth is such a strong testimony and inspiration.  I hope all of you are having a Merry, chocolate-filled, Spirited, beautiful, lighted up Christmas. :)

Some snapshots from throughout the holidays.

Paige Elyse


  1. merry christmas! i love the third photo especially. such great colors.
    xx kaitlyn

  2. that is such a kind thing to do. I'm sure the children were so happy to see you and like you said, it is so rewarding. I always love seeing your pictures. You are so talented. Hope you are having a good holiday season

  3. I was waiting for this post so long... wish you best