Falling Feathers

Lately, I've been catching glimpses of Fall. It could all be in my head, just a lost thought from longing for it so terribly, or it could be that feeling of summer slipping through my fingers. I love how long the sun lingers in the sky in the summer time, but I also love the early, beautiful sunsets Fall flaunts so proudly. The other day as I was driving down a highway, just me and adele, I came across an open field where the sun was setting so beautifully, I literally paused in verse (leaving adele hanging just a little bit) and fell in awe over it. Maybe it was the combination of the sunset and the cold air conditioner blowing in my face, but I would have sworn to anyone that I was driving through october that day. As September issues are arriving in my mailbox, and my heart is falling into fall, there's a not so ironic reflection of that to my self expressions lately.
I made the black feather necklace and the Indian-ish feather headband. I bought the feather earring from Urban Outfitters. 
:)Love you all.
like it's fall.

Paige Elyse


  1. :) these pictures are wonderful and beautiful!!!!

  2. very beautiful photos, the first photo is wonderful:-)

    thankyou for your lovely comment<3

  3. thank you for your lovely comment.
    i have sent the code for the free graze box to the email address you provided :) enjoy !


  4. these pictures are so beautiful and i'm craving fall too =D

    btw the feathers are so pretty! makes me want to get some.

  5. Hey Lovely necklaces and pics :) i Have a blog too if you Want see it :) its jusquacequemodesensuive@blogspot.com bisous Jess

  6. Seriously, I can't get over how gorgeous your pictures are! like works of art! I can't tell you how much!

    -Heather from lifeofapasseri.blogspot.com