An image to the music

I've unexpectedly had the hugest fire of inspiration burning the past few days, all from listening to Demi Lovato's new single Skyscraper. We all know her story. Everything she went through and continues to battle is heartbreaking and agonizing. The way she's converted her most insecure thoughts into her art and most ravishing talents, is admirable, heroic, and to me just so so inspiring and the basis of art and expression. You hear her voice shake as though she's crying and singing in the same, but with beautiful control. it's just so emotional and raw. Her video's simple yet symbolic imagery beautifully coincides the song. Her eyes are stripped of veils, you can just look into them and see her painful story. This whole thing has just been such an inspiration to me, reminding me how moving artistic expression can be. To Demi: Your creative outlet has opened hearts. to drastic measures, you've artistically and emotionally inspired me and others. You go girl.

On a completely different level of singing in the shower music, and on a lighthearted, funny note, I was in Tilly's yesterday and saw this video playing on the walls. I'm a huge fan of Sara Bareilles and love this song, but had never seen the video. It's fun and adorable. and I'm going to marry Adam Levine.

Paige Elyse


  1. I actually really liked that Demi Lovato video you posted. It was really raw and emotional and yet a nice change from the typical pop princess sound you get from Disney channel stars. I like it!