Ripened Love

When He was 19 years old, He served our country and fought for our freedom in World War II.  Since, He's been a high school Science teacher, a basketball coach, a father of five, and a granddaddy of 18+.  He's well known miles wide, and most importantly, very well respected. and loved.

When She was 14, She was baptized into His church. He said the first time He saw her, the day she got baptized, He knew He was going to marry Her. She's raised more kids than the highest number you can count to. She has five of her own, and is the hardest working woman I've met to this day.

They both are now the husband and wife to each other of  60 years.

I'm beyond blessed to have been born under the grandparents I have. I love them so much. I threw together this video for their 60th Anniversary, which was this past week, and we recently celebrated. It's nothing big, but I love their vintage pictures. A lot. They're the coolest things to look at, especially the military ones. One on it's own tells a whole story.
Oh, & don't forget to  mute my music playlist before :)

Paige Elyse

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