Rice Krispy Treat Pops

Today, I decided to give in to my screaming sweet tooth and get a little creative in the kitchen. I wanted to do something to capture my Summer mood, so I walked into my pantry, grabbed what I could find, and ended up making Rice Krispy Treat Pops. I've seen them in bakeries and candy shops, but have never tried them. It ended up being super easy and tastey! A perfect fix for my Summer sweet tooth.

I first just made regular Rice Krispy Treats, cut into squares.
I then took popcycle sticks, and stuffed one into the center of each square.
(Make sure the treats are thick, or the sticks won't stick.)(just rhymed.)
Dip each treat in melted chocolate.
Throw on sprinkles, or whatever choice of topping.

I used the combinations of white chocolate, milk chocolate, and then Rainbow Sprinkles, Chocolate Sprinkles, and Coconut. I've been on a coconut craze lately! But I thoroughly enjoyed each one equally. :)
*They're also tastefully satisfying followed by a cold glass of pink lemonade.

Pictures of the final product:


Paige Elyse


  1. Wow, I'm kinda kicking myself in the head for never coming up with that idea myself...

  2. my girls would adore eating those!

    rice kripies? chocolate? sprinkles? AND lemonade??

    heaven for them.