Saint Valentine ♥

So I understand that to half of the universe population, it is one of the most dreaded days of the year, aside from those turning 40 and then there's the day taxes are due. But I love love love Valentine's Day. A day to celebrate love and chocolate. The best & sweetest things in life. I even just love the word Valentine. I mean and i'll probably name my next pet that. Last night I was indulging the little sweethearts with messages on them and in order they read "Shake it" "Forever", "You Can Do It". And after questioning Nike's slogan versus my last sweetheart, and then wondering if all of them were a sign for me to stand up and dance for some reason, I realized I didn't really care what they meant because they tasted good. The Beatles were right, all you need is love. I have to go get back to making chocolate strawberries, but I just wanted to sweeten my readers' days and say Happy Valentine's Day! Overdose your sweettooth, tell someone you love them, all moms included, and watch a romantic film, probably a romantic comedy if you're by yourself. Listen to Victoria's Secret campaign and say "V-Day= Me Day." and buy yourself something pretty. Or do like I'm doing and go sit on the beach with your love one(s). Be happy. Or, Be Mine? :)

a few of my favorite Valentine inspired photos, or some that just reminded me of it.


  1. love this post. especially the last picture!


  2. @Kimberly thanks girl :) Oh I lovve that one too. I'm a sucker for the Beibs.

  3. lovely images :)


  4. @Laura Thanks :) They inspired me. I'll have to check out your blog!