New York City: Teen Vogue Fashion University

This year I had the opportunity to attend Teen Vogue's Fashion University in New York City. It's a three day workshop of different seminars and events with the chance to meet designers, models, etc. This year, they had designers such as Erin Fetherston, Vera Wang, Charlotte Ronson, Jenna Lyons, Zac Posen, Rachel Roy, etc. Models Ali Michael, Stacey McKenzie. Let me just say, As much as I love where I come from, I'm around nothing that has to do with anything about what I'm passionate for. I truley think this has ironically helped me out though. I think being held back from it for so long, yet knowing that I love it, has made me want it and appreciate it even more. I was so hungry to learn and to hear about art and fashion and the lifestyle and industry and to see it, that the minute I stepped off the plane, into NYC, my eyes were open and my mind was ready to soak in every bit i could of that whole experience. words almost can't describe it. to be around people that love the same thing I do. especially the ones who had already established themselves. it was just a good feeling, and i'm so thankful for it. Okay, a few seminar summaries:

Erin Fetherston: The minute Erin walked in the room, she drew in everyone's eyes with her tall stature, porcelin skin, and platinum blonde bangs. I've always looked up to her and loved her designs and talents. (actually, my first blog post ever was about her!) But I was really surprised when she started speaking of how she talks what she lives. Every story, every experience or opinion she shared was inspiring. Her passion for life and art was so huge that it gradually filled the room until i was sitting in her own little world, soaking in fantasy, art, romance. She had this way of drawing me in (and I'm sure anyone else in the room) and it was so strong that i didn't want to leave her world. I loved her story of how she made it into the industry, because it was so grounded and real and any girl without 'big connections' could see herself making it in the way she did. it was inspiring.

Jenna Lyons: Jenna Lyons constantly filled the room with laughter throughout her seminar, because being as successful as she is, she still talks about her mom. she still laughs at her own jokes. And she doesn't care if you think that's weird. :P I loved her attitute towards life, and if I picture her in my head right now, sitting in the interview chair, representing her J.Crew brand from head to ankle, I cannot see her without a smile on her face. Her high school stories showed how passionate she's always been about design and fashion. Her struggles of getting into the business showed how hard she worked to get here. She was lovely. As I had stayed up all hours of the night every night the week of TVFU, trying to finish editing pictures for different people, it wasn't even a challenge to keep my eyes open. And one thing she said stuck with me and made me feel so good at that moment. After telling a story of how she showed her professer a design she's sewn for her final that was due the next day, and he told her to add beads and do this and do that to it, she explained how she ran to her bestfriend's house, and they stayed up all night handstitching beads to a dress and making a jacket to go over it. (I so easily could see her lanky body running around crazy & laughing trying to get the job done.) She said when she was done, with her pointer finger to us students, "If you really are passionate about what you do, if you truly love doing it, you don't know and you don't care what time of the night it is. And that's how youre going to succeed." I loved that. i really do agree.

Charlotte Ronson: Charlotte was a young, sweet girl, who's softspoken manners and English accent made her seem even more sweet. She, instead of speaking straight to the crowd with unplanned words, had written a small speach to read explaining her life, her passion, her career. I admired this. Even though she isn't fond of standing up in crowds and publicly speaking, she did it. I relate to this beyond measures. I'm such an internal, visual person, that i don't feel the need to speak sometimes. (Although I do love writing and speaking about what I'm passionate about.) But Charlotte I felt shared this same trait. She was precious and had this humbleness about her. Her eye for art speaks through her work. Her whole family consists of artists which is another factor I think is so cool.

Vera Wang: She owned the room. And this room, full of every student at TVFU, packed to the max, she owned every inch and every breath of air in that room. She's fierce, and she's determined. I loved her stories of ice skating and how she became one of the most successful wedding dress designers of our time. She was fierce.

There were also shopping event parties at Juicy Couture and H&M held for the nights. So much fun!

Okay, now that I've written a book, :), I'll stop here. :P This was hands down one of the best experiences of my life! Thank you Teen Vogue!! :) <3

Here are some of the photos from the trip!

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loves and kisses,

Paige Elyse <3


  1. That sounds so exciting! Great photos too. I really like your blog.

  2. @Bev thank you so much!! It really was a cool experience. :)