1/2 Christmas time post

tonight, i feel like being creative. The past week or two consisted of being caught up in everyday errands, holiday occasions, friends and family outings, and then those in between times of jotting down ideas and thoughts on McDonald's napkins. (you will be seeing some of those soon.) :) But despite the crazy busyness of this time of the year, I'm happy. That's what I love about December. aside from the occasional scrooge, everybody's happy. There's something that warms our hearts even though the temperature's chill. Strangers pass smiles across the sidewalk, and people willingly give. There are lights on everything. Do you know how much I love that? to me they make everything more beautiful. they make cities glitter. The music, the movies, the food- they're all so meaningful. I guess I can see why Taylor Swift always wants to go back to December. (excuse me for inheriting my dad's corny humor. And also, Happy 21st, Taylor!:)) But there is nothing like a Christmas mug full of white chocolate hot cocoa, and Coca~Cola always tastes better when Santa is on the label. December is beautiful.

I have so many more to post. Will do that soon!

paige elyse <3

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