Beautiful & Love: Portfolio

Life is so beautiful. My friends are beautiful.
I've decided to start a portfolio. <3

with many more to come.

Live for the opportunity with
an eye to see beauty
an ear to hear harmony
a mind to be open
a heart to be heavy.


  1. Just love the blog -- smart idea. Much to pass on to you about blogs. Oh, and by the way, I love your skill with a camera lens. So many can turn a pretty girl into a hag. You capture essence in your models.
    One last thing, this allows me to keep an eye on the lot of you. What the heck is the picture of soda bottles, and crisps doing on your site. Trust me kiddo, I am gonna pay out on this.

  2. First off, Bob, Thank you so much. That means a lot and I'm grateful for your opinion. Pass on anything you'd like. But about those chips and sodas, I mean, that was all my friends'. Nothing to do with me. I just took a picture of it for them. and uhhh, that's about it. :)

  3. love your blog! ok so i really love the one of the girl on the beach with the coke bottle, and the other one of the same girl laying the water, both are absolutely stunning! very beautiful!

  4. yayyy thanks girl! It really means a lot, and I like to hear of favorites. I love your blog also! It's so original and artsy.:-)

  5. Following you from lookbook doll :)
    beautiful photography! xx

  6. yay i'm happy about it!

    aw thanks so much girl.