As September is normally not that great of a month for me, I've annually found myself making Greenday's "Wake me up when September Ends" a temporary theme song for myself. However, September holds something awesome. Being the month that possesses Fashion Week in New York City and throwing loads of September Issues in my mailbox, this month is one of the most inspiring and thrilling. And while I find myself moping in life's normal September problems and grasping at an attempt to understand them, I also find myself in awe over the fashion campaigns and movements (some of my favorites you can find below) that are taking over this generation. it's so cool. I've realized now, more than ever in my life, that I'm so passionate for the creative ways of self-expression in this world- music, fashion, photography, painting, writing. It's when life isn't going that well for you, when you're at your most voulerable and open state of mind, that you start to feel inspired. That's when you have the deepest desires to create and express. So If I can't find happiness in love, I'll find it in art. and I love that.

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