Free Living, Sunny Days

Summer Summer Summer!!!..has finally arrived :) Which means time for strappy flops, cutt-off denims, sun-kissed skin, cute bikinis, waves and braids with chic sun shades, corals and florals, late pretty nights, and beach beach beach! (I didn't plan on rhyming in that, it just sort of happened.) The season of sunshine inspires me more than almost anything. Everything about it screams Happy to me. On one end of my mind I'm constantly dreaming and imagining, while on the other I can't stop taking photos and videos of almost everything! Here are some of the moments I've managed to capture so far. I Will be posting more very soon! :)

There's Nothing Like Free Living, Sunny Days


paige elyse

ps. today was my birthday yayy! (another reason i <3 summer.) :)

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