White Delight

Ahhhhh!!!! Who would have ever thought that the Sunshine State would be graced with the presence of the snow stuff? It happened. and it was crazy. For the first time in well over a decade, my hometown got a snowday. Don't get me wrong..I would never ever trade my sunny days and beachside glory for anything. They have my heart and are my home. But for just one day, where all that was traded for cold weather and falling snowflakes, it was truly the act of a miracle. My mother and I glanced out the window of our living room, saw the first bit start to come down and screamed, jumped, skipped all the way across the road to my cousin's house..where we screamed, danced, jumped, twirled, and frolicked in celebration. We were so excited, everything we said had a "!" at the end. Even the most simple statements. lol. My other neighbors even came running out to us, and we pretty much made a block party out of the day. Of course I had my new Canon Rebel t1i to attempt to capture the incredible moments..and to break it in :) Here are a few i caught. Enjoy<3

paige elyse

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