So I keep noticing on tv how a lot of celebrities are attending the Sundance Film Festival. And I thought in honor of the festival, I'd share a couple of videos I've made myself :) But first let me explain myself. I got to thinking one day about how I view the world. what a beautiful piece of art it is. And I want people to see what I see. So one day I started recording everything with my camera. just everything. So they are simply the world seen through my eyes. A beautiful collection of bits and peices of scenes from my life. The first one is called Forever Young and the latter is Left Our Love in Our Summer Skin. ..yep, like the song :) Enjoy i hope! <3

Forever Young

Forever Young from Paige on Vimeo.

Left Our Love in Our Summer Skin

left our love in our summer skin from Paige on Vimeo.

paige elyse

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